A Full Array of Back Office Resources to Make your Job Easier

Complete Back Office provides leaders with financial confidence and clarity to make sound, bold business decisions. We do this by creating and redesigning accounting systems to produce accurate and easy-to-understand reports. We embrace and share best practices so that you can be the best leader you can be. We provide ongoing monthly financial reports and services, and continually fine-tune your system to adapt to your changing needs.

Complete Back Office services include:

Financial System Set Up
and Redesign

Financial System Icon

Your systems and reporting processes will fit your company’s needs. Untimely and unclear reports that don’t make sense will be a thing of the past.

Financial Reporting
and Analytics

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You will manage your operation with confidence supported by our timely, meaningful, and transparent financial reports with critical insights and highlights.

Monthly Account

Icon for Account Reconciliation

You will have no surprises and a smooth hand-off to your tax preparer well before tax day.

Client Invoicing and

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Your funds from clients will be deposited into your account more quickly through our timely invoicing and collections processes.

Review of Vendor Bills
and Bill Payments

Bill Payments Icon

You will have peace of mind knowing that you have a second set of eyes reviewing your bills for accuracy and erroneous or fraudulent charges. You will receive the best vendor pricing based on your excellent payment history.

Financial Discovery

Financial Discovery Retreat Icon

Supported by our experienced staff and leadership team, you will delve into your current accounting system to uncover its strengths and weaknesses, review your financial system goals, and create a roadmap to achieve your objectives.