Should You Break Up With Your Bookkeeper or Current Service Provider?

We know it’s not easy breaking up (especially if it’s your mother-in-law or MIL!). Breaking up with your bookkeeper may be necessary if you are not receiving the service you need.

If the following applies you should make a change to help your business to succeed:

  • Your bookkeeper fails to deliver financial statements on time
  • Your bookkeeper fails to notify you of suspicious transactions
  • Your bookkeeper fails to alert you to overcharges from vendors
  • You’re not kept up-to-date on financial trends, areas of growth, and opportunities for improvement.

When you’ve outgrown your bookkeeping provider’s capabilities, here’s a script you can use:

“Thank you for helping me with my bookkeeping. I’ve decided to switch to a new provider effective ________________. They’ll be giving me more financial data analysis to help me fine tune my business/operation. Please finish your work and close out the period ending ______________.”

We Are Bookkeepers and Financial Accounting Professionals

Complete Back Office provides leaders with financial confidence and clarity to make sound, bold business decisions. We do this by creating and redesigning accounting systems to produce accurate and easy-to-understand reports. We embrace and share best practices so that you can be the best leader you can be. We provide ongoing monthly financial reports and services, and continually fine-tune your system to adapt to your changing needs.

The sooner you switch to Complete Back Office, the sooner you’ll lighten the load! We are located in the Arlington, Virginia/Washington DC area but can service clients all over the U.S.