About Us

Complete Back Office was founded in 2013 with the goal of providing understanding and transparency of financial systems, so that owners and managers have the information they need to make sound, bold business decisions. Since then we have worked with over 30 clients in a wide range of industries from government contractors to nonprofits and private schools. Early on we realized that many of our clients needed more than someone to take over their “books." Our consulting provides evidence-based financial best practices that allow our clients to become the best leaders in their industry.

Our success and growth could not have happened without our team of exceptional accounting professionals. We are entrepreneurs, CPA’s, MBA’s, and IT specialists. We share a love of numbers and passion for seeing our clients thrive.

We don’t just give you numbers.

We dig deeper to make sure they are accurate and that they tell the true story so you can lead with confidence and make sound, bold decisions. It goes beyond offloading financial paperwork; it’s about working as part of your team and equipping you to the the best leader you can be.

We are not tax preparers.

Some of our competitors provide tax preparation services. We don’t. We believe it’s in your best interest (especially if you're a nonprofit) to separate these duties, as part of your checks and balances to ensure the integrity of your financial systems.

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Our mission is to empower our clients to make sound, bold business decisions.



To create financially savvy, confident, and empowered leaders driving the economic growth of their organizations and communities.

Who is Complete Back Office (CBO) and how are we different?

  • A provider of bookkeeping, accounting, payroll, and other back office services for small businesses and nonprofits (some individuals too)
  • With CBO, you get bookkeeping to CFO-services at one affordable rate
  • This is an “outsourced” service - no office space, desk, or equipment needed!
  • We make the transition easy
  • We are known for our extensive general/entrepreneurial business experience; therefore we look at the big picture (not just balancing accounts and looking at numbers)
  • We are people, not an 800 number or group email – feel free to call or text us
  • We ask questions when things don’t look right (a second pair of eyes)
  • We watch and protect your finances as we would our own
  • We summarize financials in easy-to-ready statements showing trends, areas for improvement, comparisons to prior periods/years

Our clients tell us they chose Complete Back Office because:

  • They are tired of late nights and being stressed out about finances and paperwork; fear of getting in trouble with IRS and owing $$
  • They can’t afford to add back office staff, don’t have the space, equipment or funds
  • They’re not efficient at back office tasks
  • They’re not satisfied with their current provider (bookkeeper accountant, mother-in-law/MIL or other family member)
  • They want timely, meaningful information to help their operations thrive

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